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Customer Focus

Listening to Our Customers

Every day, we uncover new ways to put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We embrace innovation in every aspect of our business to give customers what they want, when they want it, through the platform of their choice. We are also establishing new partnerships, digitizing our business, and expanding access to our products. To understand our customers holistically, we are improving how we gather insights to develop new products and how we deliver customer service.

In particular, our transformative investment in data analytics and a digital customer experience allows us to develop better products and do more for people in every region of the world — faster, simpler and more easily. As we reposition our business for a rapidly changing world, our goal remains to be a trusted partner that adapts to customers’ lifelong needs, always with their best interests at heart.

Improving our Product Offerings through a New Development Process

MetLife develops many products every year. We have a globally consistent product development process to more clearly connect our products to customer needs. We are organizing our offerings into needs-based categories to help customers better understand what our products do and which ones are right for them.

We are also changing many of our product names to be simpler and more intuitive — in order to provide our customers increased transparency and a better understanding of our solutions.

The process uses customer insights, strong market testing, uniform risk governance and end-to-end digitization to reduce risk, lower costs and drive greater value growth. We use the insights we gather to create products, services and experiences that strongly resonate with our customers. In January 2018, we applied the new process globally for all new product development.