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Product Innovation

Digital solutions to make things easier for our customers

We know that our customers expect more than just products from us: they look for MetLife to be their partner in an ever-changing, dynamic world. Increasingly, they need us to be available at the touch of a screen. Our intensive evaluation of consumer insights reinforces our position that digital transformation will create even greater value and impact on the daily lives of those we serve. To enact this transformation, we are:

  • Improving our foundational standards to increase efficiency and value. This includes expanding our use of digital tools, refining our analytical models and automating our processes in areas such as claims, policy administration and finance.
  • Developing first-in-industry solutions to reposition our business for growth and competitive advantage. This includes creating fully digital tools for customers to inquire about policies, submit claims and check coverage.

Learn more about MetLife’s digital transformation.

Some examples of our digital solutions
  • eMirai: Our eMirai sales platform in Japan provides a simple online shopping experience, featuring drag-and-drop functionality and a virtual shopping cart. The platform has improved accuracy and reduced turnaround time for our customers from 16 to 6 days.
  • Small market digital platform: MetLife is developing a new, first-of-its-kind digital benefits platform for U.S.-based small businesses, in partnership with IBM. Expected to launch in late 2018, customers and brokers will have access to information about enrollment, claims, benefits and other topics on a single platform. As the platform evolves, MetLife looks to add new features, such as integration with blockchain networks for highly secure transactions and expansion to larger businesses.
  • Auto and home: From quoting to claim service, MetLife offers a 100-percent end-to-end digital experience for both auto and home customers.