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Our Global Focus: Financial Health

Our Focus on Financial Health

MetLife Foundation believes financial health should be within every person’s reach – no matter where they stand today. We aim to improve the financial health of low-income individuals around the globe by partnering with trusted organizations that create and expand financial access, as well as help clients build the knowledge, capability and habits needed to improve their financial well-being. Ultimately, our goal is to help low-income people and communities navigate life’s challenges, take advantage of opportunities, and plan for the future.

Visit MetLife Foundation’s thought leadership platform to learn more about financial health globally.

Strategic areas of focus

Our strategic areas of focus include:
  • Applying Technology and Innovation for Greater Impact
    To deliver safe, affordable and convenient financial services at scale — and meet changing expectations around speed and ease of use — the financial health community is taking full advantage of new technologies, reimagining product design beyond “one size fits all,” and experimenting with new business models.
  • Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Drive Positive Change
    To encourage healthier financial behavior among their customers, financial institutions must first understand why people make certain decisions. By applying behavioral economics insights to their product offerings and service approach, our partner organizations are more effectively helping clients spend less and save more.
  • Advancing New Insights and Sharing What We Learn
    MetLife Foundation and our grantees continuously share lessons learned in order to improve our work and to advance the knowledge of the global financial health community. With our partners, we prepare white papers, publish articles and sponsor and appear at conferences.

Notice for Grant Applicants

MetLife Foundation reviews proposals by invitation only from organizations that have proven success in the area of financial inclusion. Please note that we will not review unsolicited letters of inquiry or proposals.