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Our Employees

Investing in Our Employees

To build our business and a more protected world, we must put our employees’ success and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. We are equipping our workforce for the industry’s future, helping employees gain the skills to compete in the digital workplace and investing in their development and financial security.

We also foster an ownership mindset where employees embrace the company’s values and believe they have a personal stake in its success. MetLife strives for a workplace culture where our employees feel engaged, motivated and inspired each day. We listen and respond to their ideas and needs, invest broadly in employee development and benefits, and cultivate a diverse, inclusive and collaborative place to work.

Investing $10 Million to Build Tomorrow’s Workforce

In February 2018, MetLife’s CEO announced a $10 million Workforce of the Future Development Fund. Starting in 2019, new learning programs will focus on areas including digital skills, innovation and collaboration. The goal is to create a culture where continual learning is in the DNA of our daily work life.

Commitment to Pay Equity

MetLife’s culture of respect and inclusion extends to every aspect of our organization, including compensation practices designed to enhance MetLife’s ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce. We are committed to pay equity and regularly review our pay practices as well as our employees’ pay to ensure we are providing equal pay opportunities for equal work regardless of gender or race.

To learn more, view our statement on our commitment to pay equity.