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Our strategy for attracting and developing the exceptional professionals we need to achieve our company strategy has several facets
  • Supporting Engaged Talent
  • Focusing on Motivational Leadership
  • Promoting Diversity & Inclusion
  • Ensuring Women Thrive at MetLife

Supporting Engaged Talent

Our goal is to have a world-class talent organization and full pipeline of future leaders with diverse capabilities, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.

To achieve this goal, we focus on several areas:

  • Recognizing employees for the value they bring to the company.
  • Building a culture of motivation and performance.
  • Being thoughtful in how managers assess performance.

We engage employees in managing their careers and provide tools and online resources to track performance goals, receive constructive feedback, and identify developmental opportunities.

Attracting New Talent

We recognize that attracting diverse talent plays a key role in the success of the company.

We have created relationships with external organizations, alumni groups and professional organizations to identify talent at all levels. One of the ways we attract early-career talent is by offering internship opportunities in the actuarial, sales and investments lines of business. These students receive hands-on experience learning the business while contributing to the bottom line. To attract a pipeline of more experienced talent, we created a program to develop general managers who have an interest in working across multiple geographies.

One program in the United States, called Act2, provides a soft re-entry to people who have been out of the workforce. Another example is MetLife Technical University, an undergraduate technology recruiting program to accelerate the development of college students and early-career professionals with real world technical and business experience. Since the program started in 2014, hundreds of summer interns and college graduates have been hired.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

We work hard to foster an inclusive working environment.

Diverse teams generate more innovative ideas, and people who feel included are more productive and enjoy their work. A key part of embedding a mindset of diversity and inclusion is to set the tone from the top, so it is important that our leaders have the skills to create an inclusive environment.

We established our global D&I strategy in 2012 and also launched the Global Diversity and Inclusion Council—chaired by MetLife’s CEO—to sustain our efforts for the long term. MetLife has also implemented four regional D&I teams in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Latin America, and the United States.

MetLife also supports their Diversity Business Resource Networks (DBRNs), which are groups of employee volunteers who foster awareness, respect and inclusion of key populations at MetLife. The seven DRBNs are:

  • Families at MetLife (FAM)
  • Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Allies at MetLife (GLAM)
  • Global Multicultural Professionals (GMP)
  • MetLife Diverse Abilities (MDA)
  • Military Veterans Network at MetLife (MVET)
  • Rising Professionals at MetLife (iRISE)
  • Women's Business Network (WBN)