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Workforce of the Future

Preparing our workforce for the future

As our industry and company evolve, we are taking steps to equip our workforce for future success. Our goal is to build an organization of world-class talent with a full pipeline of future leaders who offer diverse capabilities, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.

Given the pace of change in technology, automation and skills requirements, it is essential to ready our business and employees to adjust. We do this through our Workforce of the Future initiative (see box), a broad array of talent and capability building programs offered to all employees.

Empowering employees to deliver for our customers

In 2018, we continued to empower employees to deliver on our new business strategy and be trusted partners for our customers.

As part of Workforce for the Future, we updated our MyLearning platform to enable employees to tap into learning on demand via articles, videos and instructor-led courses in all languages. This digital gateway is powered by artificial intelligence and helps employees proactively take charge of their careers. Other key training programs in 2018 included:

  • Leadership training: More than 6,600 employees took courses focusing on management and leadership topics.
  • Employee training: Employees have access to more than 4,900 different non-mandatory courses related to their jobs.

Enhancing Employee Benefits

Building trust with our employees, and creating a positive impact on their lives, is integral to our values and critical to our success.

Drawing on our expertise in workforce financial wellness, we help our own employees create a solid financial foundation by providing comprehensive and affordable health, retirement, life and other insurance benefits. In 2018, MetLife’s CEO announced plans to:

  • Increase the company’s minimum wage level
  • Establish a minimum life insurance benefit regardless of an employee’s pay
  • Set a minimum contribution to the company’s defined benefit pension plan
  • Extend company-paid legal services to all employees

We also announced a $10 million Workforce of the Future Development Fund. Starting in 2019, new learning programs will focus on areas including digital skills, innovation and collaboration. The goal is to create a culture where continual learning is in the DNA of our daily work life.