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Ethics & Integrity

Risk management, ethics and integrity underpin our company’s role as architects of a more protected world. We apply comprehensive controls to ensure sound governance across our global business operations. We have worked hard to instill a culture where every employee takes responsibility for reducing risk and adopts an ownership mindset where they have a personal stake in our company’s success.

MetLife protects its customers, investors and other stakeholders by employing tried and tested processes designed to identify and manage all risks the company faces, including those related to ESG issues. Sound governance and robust risk management are critical to the operation of financial services companies and we continually review and improve our practices.

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Shaping Policy with Integrity Collapsed Expanded

We manage our operations with a deep understanding of global and local regulatory?structures. By engaging policymakers on the costs and benefits of regulations, we improve our ability to offer customers the products and services they need. We are active in a variety of trade associations, business coalitions and think tanks throughout the more than 40 countries in which we operate. We serve in a leadership role in many of these organizations. Our involvement allows us to share our sector’s experience and expertise with policymakers and advocate for our customers by ensuring a level playing field across the industry.

Compliance Risk Management Program Collapsed Expanded

MetLife’s Compliance Risk Management program provides ongoing, enterprise-wide evaluation of current and potential compliance risks.

A key component of this program is the development of our Annual Compliance Plan, which enables Corporate Ethics and Compliance to monitor controls that mitigate compliance risks. It also helps to ensure that compliance resources are appropriately deployed.

We monitor and test controls for our key compliance risks to be more consistent in our approach to compliance risk oversight and allow us to focus on local risks in our operations around the world.

We also conduct due diligence for third-party engagements, and we train our compliance employees globally on their oversight responsibilities. This is important because MetLife contracts with many third parties, which have the potential to expose us to compliance risk.

MetLife continually looks for ways to improve our management of compliance risks. We are exploring options to enhance our digital capabilities in this area. While digital technology is used minimally in the compliance field, new tools are now being developed. By combining these new tools with advanced data analytics, in the future there could be opportunities for companies like MetLife to be even more accurate in analyzing compliance risks.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy Collapsed Expanded

MetLife complies with all applicable laws and regulations to prevent money laundering, which is documented in the company’s Global Anti-Money Laundering Policy. The policy ensures a consistent approach to preventing money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions risks at MetLife.

The objective of the policy is to establish guiding principles and global minimum standards to (i) ensure we comply with laws and regulations, trade and economic sanctions programs, and government guidance; (ii) protect the company from being used by money launderers, terrorists, and other criminals for illicit purposes; and (iii) educate employees about identifying money laundering and terrorist financing risks and behavior.

Global Sales Practices Policy Collapsed Expanded

Regulators in many countries are increasingly interested in how financial services companies conduct themselves in each jurisdiction where they do business. In particular, regulators expect companies to ensure that they provide customers with appropriate financial solutions and products for their needs in a straightforward manner.

MetLife’s Global Sales Practices Policy aims to address these concerns. All MetLife sales activities must comply with the basic principle of treating customers fairly. Our Global Sales Practices Policy codifies the key MetLife value of putting the customer at the center of everything we do. Matching each customer’s needs to the correct product is critical to ensuring that customers are treated fairly and that we create lifetime customer value.

Antitrust Guidelines Collapsed Expanded

MetLife’s Antitrust Guidelines provide basic guidance on antitrust laws in the United States for employees of MetLife and its affiliates. MetLife’s policy is to conduct business in full compliance with antitrust laws. Those laws are designed to preserve and foster free and open competition, reasonable prices, efficient services and a productive economy. MetLife’s guidelines are intended to ensure that as we compete vigorously, we do so fairly. To help employees protect themselves and the company, we have included guidelines in our Code of Conduct to treat our competitors with respect and comply with competition laws.

Climate Change

Read MetLife’s Statement on Climate Change.