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Stable Value Solutions

Help your employees maximize their returns with our low-risk Stable Value solutions.

Traditional Guaranteed Interest Contracts (GICs)

Looking for the added benefit of principal protection for participant-directed defined contribution plans? Traditional GICs invest in MetLife’s general account and provide returns equivalent to similar duration bonds.

MetLife’s Traditional Guaranteed Interest Contracts offer:

  • Competitive, guaranteed returns
  • Security and flexibility via a set maturity date and fixed/floating interest rate
  • Book value accounting
  • Participant level benefit responsiveness

Separate Account Guaranteed Interest Contracts (GICs)

If you want the benefit responsiveness of a traditional GIC, but with added investment flexibility, transparency and security in one comprehensive package, then our Separate Account based GIC is what you're looking for.

The Separate Account GIC offers:?

  • Individual account management and investment diversification
  • Segregation from the insurer’s general account assets? ? ? ? ??
  • Portfolios that are managed to specific investment guidelines/benchmarks with no fixed maturity? — reducing reinvestment risk for contract holders
  • Transparancey - fees as well as all components of the credited rate calculation are visible to contract holders? ??

Synthetic Guaranteed Interest

A Synthetic GIC can maintain retirement savings and yield steady growth — just as you’d expect from Stable Value.

Synthetic GICs have two components: first, a portfolio of bonds that are owned by the plan or trust and second, an insurance contract issued by MetLife that provides a book value wrap around the underlying investments.1

Contact a MetLife representative to discuss putting Synthetic GIC’s to work for you and your plan participants.??

Non-Participating Separate Account GIC

MetLife’s Non-Participating Separate Account Guaranteed Interest Contract (NPSAGIC) is designed to provide stable value funds with the features of traditional GICs coupled with the added security of a Separate Account.

MetLife’s non-participating Separate Account GIC offers:

  • Segregation from the insurer’s general account
  • Defined maturity date
  • Fixed or floating interest rates
  • Minimum deposit of $250 million?

Funding Agreements

Funding agreements are investment contracts issued as general account obligations by insurance companies which credit interest at fixed or floating rates. They are privately placed obligations and are typically available to non-qualified investors.

MetLife’s funding agreements offer:

  • Attractive yields
  • Predictable returns/spreads
  • Customization
  • Liability matching

Collective Investment Trust solutions (CITs)

Collective Investment Trust solutions allow smaller plans to “pool” their assets together in order to achieve the same basic objectives as larger, individually managed accounts.

Collective Investment Trust Solutions offer:

  • Multiple investment sub-advisors and investment mandates
  • Institutionally priced solutions for plans of every size, with no minimum deposit
  • NSCC trading
  • Multiple share classes
  • Availability to 401(K), 401(A), & 457(B) government plans
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