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MetLife VADIP Dental Plan Benefits

Find out what the MetLife VADIP plans cover and decide on an option that's right for you.

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With MetLife’s Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program, you have a choice of two plan options ‐ Standard and High. Both plans provide savings1 for you and your family. We offer:

- No waiting periods for major procedures (except for Orthodontia in high plan which has a 24‐month waiting period)

- Competitive pricing

- Discounted In‐Network Dentist fees

Please review the plan details below to help you decide on the option that best fits your needs.


Standard Option

  • $1,300/$1,5002 in‐network annual maximum per person

High Option

This option provides you with additional protection from unforeseen dental costs

  • $3,000/$3,5002 annual plan maximum per person
  • Orthodontia coverage for dependent children up to age 193
  • No cost for in‐network cleanings, X‐rays and exams
  • No annual deductible for in‐network benefits
Coverage Option
Basic — Class A — cleanings, X-rays and oral examinations*
Intermediate — Class B — fillings and periodontal maintenance
Major — Class C — crowns, bridges, root canal treatment and dentures
Orthodontia – Class D — comprehensive orthodontic treatment, fixed appliance

*Subject to frequency limitations available in the VADIP Plan Summary.

Coverage Option
1st Year Annual Maximum/ Maximum Per Person —
Dependent Child Ortho Lifetime Maximum Per Person —
Annual Deductible Per Person — (Applies to Basic, Intermediate and Major Services)

*Increases on January 1st following completion of 12 months of enrollment in selected option.


Orthodontia coverage is available for Dependents up to age 193 who are enrolled in the High Option. The Dependent must be covered under the High option for 24 consecutive months before orthodontia benefits will be covered.

Please view the MetLife VADIP Plan Summary to view the covered services, exclusions and limitations.


What will your dentist charge you? Participating dentists charge negotiated fees4 which are typically 30% to 45% less than average dental charges in the same community. Negotiated fees4 apply to services covered by the plan, or those received after you've reached your annual plan maximum as permitted by State law.


What will your dentist charge you? A fee set by each individual dentist, which is typically higher than the negotiated fee. You will be responsible for the difference between your dentist's charge and Maximum Allowed Charge.5

Like most group accident and health insurance plans, the MetLife VADIP Dental plan contains certain exclusions and limitations. Please download the plan summary to access these and other coverage details.

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